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India’s Viral Conqueror of 2021 – Caught in the Eye of the Storm

As an Indian residing in the United States, it’s hard to truly know the extent of your ancestral country’s hardships…that is until you are caught in the middle of one. A trip for family in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic drastically turned into a fated first-hand account of the state of India during the devastating second wave of the virus.

30 at 30 – Lesson 5: Hustle Hard and Early In Life

Everyone has their own path to their own definition of success. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology to life paths, and quite honestly, that’s the beauty of it. But whether you follow society’s path or define your own, there is one thing that holds true for everyone – you must work hard to reach any goal on your path, and that work is best done early.

I Laughed and Then I Cried

How bizarre is it that a moment of pure joy could result in a barrage of tears? Especially, when there’s no reason for it. As I think about it, it might have been the fact that I get to be so openly happy because I’m free…while remembering there was a time when I was enslaved.

30 at 30 – Lesson 4: Even Your Blood Can Betray and Leave You

Every time someone wants to make a case for why you should forgive and accept the people that are your blood relatives, no matter how horrible they may have been or are currently to you, they use the phrase “blood is thicker than water”. However, that is no reason to push someone to accept blood relatives if they don’t want to. Here’s what I’ve learned about this quote and what it means in practical life.

30 at 30 – Lesson 3: Life Can DRASTICALLY Change In Seconds

In the past year of the pandemic, more people than ever have come face to face with how unexpected life can be. Now more than ever did it solidify for me that one of the greatest lessons I have learned is that life can change in a matter of seconds. It takes one moment, one minute millisecond, for your entire world to change. So shouldn’t we live life accordingly?


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