Passion inspiring Passion


Passion. Poetry. Philosophy.

I’m sharing my passions to help you discover yours. Join me in finding the passion for life and inspiring it in others.

Sharing my thoughts on life

I love writing and am quite the philosopher. If you want to explore different aspects of life and varying topics, then follow along because I’d love to discuss them with you.

What to Expect


My Heart Through My Words
I write from the heart and want to share all that it has to say. From love to life, and every emotion in between.


My Creative Unleashed
I design and style outfits, and want to help your inner fashionista – from your closet & from the latest fashion in the industry.


My Soul Freely Expressed
I dance to express myself and to share the joy it brings to me with the world. It’s one place where my soul flows freely.

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Latest on the Blog

Style page is live!

Your guide to elegance

Needless to say, I have a passion for fashion and I want to show you my many tricks of the trade. As a fashion designer and stylist, I will guide you on textiles, techniques, and trends.

Dancing Coming Soon!

I’d love to hear from you!

Akiti Kohli

Your partner in finding yourself through your passions.