“Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world”

Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss
Founder of NastyGAl & Girlboss media

I require my armor to exude the fierceness it rests on, and a suit does just that.

There is something so fierce about the way a suit is structured that brings with it a confidence like no other outfit does. I’ve worn many a suit in my years in corporate, and my favorite part of a suit is finding ways to make it fabulous! 

When people think of suits, they tend to associate it with hues of black, blue, and grey with button downs and stiffness. When I think of a suit, I associate it with broad shoulders, tailored waists, and confidence. Perception defines so much of how we choose things in this world, and I’m here to change your perception of a suit so you find ways to choose it for summer! Making a suit summer fabulous can entail anything from selecting non-conformant colors to adding dashing accessories or, my personal favorite, changing the style of the jacket.

A fabulous summer look you can take from brunch to dinner!

3 Tips for Suiting Up in Summer

1. Pick light fabrics

Not just the colors, but the fabric itself! It’s important that it feels light and breathable to be sustainable in the heat, but provides enough coverage for those cool summer breezes.

2. Swap out the button-down

Keep the button-downs for the more business looks. For summer fabulousness, you’ll want to go with something that accentuates you with deep neck tanks, bandeaus, bralettes, or corsets.

3. Let there be arms!

Jackets are still jackets if you adjust the sleeves. Try jackets with short sleeves, quarter sleeves, split sleeves, or even sheer sleeves! As long as it maintains the suit structure along your torso, your arms can have some fun and be free in the summer sun.

The Look

I’ve chosen a cyan colored suit with a long jacket, adorned with metallic buttons, and topped off with an accentuating bow at the neckline. The trousers are ankle-length and high-waisted, with a body-gripping skinny fit. What I love about this suit is that it is both structured, yet light. This is thanks to the cotton-polyester blend that allows it to maintain the suit shape while granting mobility with it’s stretchiness. With its quarter-length sleeves and ankle-length trousers, it holds the conservative appeal of a suit without the heaviness of traditional suit stitching, thick layers, and coverage. It is also very breathable thanks to the cotton – making it perfect for summer! 

Purse from Michael Kors. Shoes from Nicole Miller.

The cyan shade, although light, paired with the metallic grey buttons can sometimes dull out the look. This is where it’s important to play more with the contrast to highlight both colors. To make the cyan stand out, I chose a dark grey bandeau that closely matches the metallic grey, but is plain enough to not take away from it. As a result, the cyan of the jacket stands out when it falls over the bandeau, while still guiding your eyes to the grey accents. The bandeau also serves as a simple top under the jacket, leaving some space above the high-waisted trousers, to bring some classy sass to this look.

Suit by Polki-Dolki

I am a huge fan of the trousers because they are extremely comfortable and the fabric beautifully hugs one’s body. It truly follows your curves thanks to the fitting, but doesn’t feel restricting because of how it stretches. High-waist bottoms always elongate one’s legs, which works great with the length of the jacket. With the bow at the top of the jacket, the suit creates leading lines against your body, which are great for pictures!

The Accessories

Since the trousers taper at the ankles, I paired them with metallic pumps from Nicole Miller to allow my ankles to be free – continuing the appearance of longer legs (not that mine need help in that department!). I am very particular about matching because a consistent looks feels complete, so the metallic patent leather of the pumps are perfect since they literally look like they were made for the buttons! I could not have found a better match! Heels also help with posture, which in a fitted suit, such as this, is key. I also just prefer my suits with heels because they align so perfectly with the confidence a suit gives me.

Contrast your suit to highlight the colors and complete the look.

Since the suit overall is so heavy on the cyan, I continued the dark grey accent with my Michael Kors leather purse. It is adorned with a silver-tone hardware for the logo and accents, which again work brilliantly with the metallic theme. Held against the suit, it forces the cyan to standout whilst breaking it up with the grey in a perfect contrast throughout the look.

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