“Once a wise man was asked…

What is the meaning of life?

He replied…Life itself has no meaning,

Life is an opportunity

to create meaning…”


We are not meant to be stagnant. We are not meant to remain the same. We are meant to grow, and the only way to do that is to allow ourselves to continually learn – mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

The moment you stop learning, you stop growing, and you enter a perpetual existence. This stagnation can be dangerous. For many, that “safety” of the known and familiar is all they need, and although it may seem like it works, it doesn’t. There’s a saying in Hindi, “Khali dimag shetaan ka ghar hai”. It means an empty mind or, more practically applied, a mind given the time to wander is the home of the devil. Whether you believe in the devil or not is not the point. 

The point is that when people enter a state of consistency founded on their ideal of having achieved all they needed to, they become arrogant. After not being challenged or focused on working through something, these people presume success and knowledge of how life should be because of their own perceived success in it.  Additionally, the mind then finds things to obsess over or tends to make scenarios or issues where there aren’t any because it has the time to overthink. 

By constantly striving to learn, in whichever way works best for you, you are giving you mind something to work with and through. Thereby, you are avoiding that perpetual state of empty or foregone thoughts. Not only that, but you are also gifting yourself growth and potential. 

When we push past our limits and grow, we create opportunities in our lives. We either open doors through that growth or are well-prepared when opportunity comes knocking. Without that growth we would be unprepared and would pass up those opportunities, giving way to regret in our lives.

So find something that makes you want to learn and grow. Find what you derive passion from and makes you not rest in comfort but get excited for endless possibilities. 

How to keep learning:

1. Absorb knowledge your way.

Whether it’s reading, watching, listening, or doing, find the method that you learn best from. Use that to continually learn new things or to push your mind and body to think and work in new ways.

2. Avoid complacency.

Create a life around doing. Karma literally means action. You must take action to create any sort of karma in your life to reap from. Doing so also avoids the black hole of empty thoughts.

3. Never think you know it all.

The greatest failures and levels of arrogance come from thinking we have reached the peak of knowledge and success, and from the belief that there is nothing more to learn. There is always something more to learn or more room to grow. Humble yourself in the knowledge that there is always something interesting on the next page if you’re open to turning it.

Bethe hue soch the hain
Kya karna hai yaar
Na karne mein hai mazaa
Karke kya fayada

Par saalon baad yeh lagne laga
Ke kash kuch kara hota
Apne aap ko badake
Uss gali mein na poncha hota

– Akiti –

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