“Life takes you down many paths,

but my favorite ones lead to the beach.”


The July 4th weekend is one of my FAVORITE weekends because the weather is outstanding (usually) and it come with dedicated time away from work for a full 4 days to just regroup, travel, BBQ by the pool, and remember to enjoy life before the second half of the year begins. 

What I’m most excited by is usually the BBQ meals, but also the outfits! Since July 4th memorializes the day we (the United States of America) gained independence from England. It’s one of my favorite eras to read on because I’m fascinated by the development of the country from that point onwards. Although this week is also a very important fashion weekend!

This is the weekend that true summer-wear comes out to enjoy the sun and we can enjoy summer amenities like beaches and pools. To truly enjoy those amenities, you need to be both comfortable and practical. 

I pulled together 4 looks that you can try this weekend to get into theme to celebrate while still being beachy-comfortable! Check out the looks and my 4 tips for getting these looks.

Look 1 

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

4 Ways to Get these July 4th Looks

1. Light fabrics

The summer heat requires clothing with coverage without the weight. Pick light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, or georgette for breathability. Even if they cover more of your skin, they won’t feel constricting in the heat.

2. Easy-on shoes

Your feet need to enjoy the summer, too! Pick foot accessories that are easy to put on or take off for summer/beach activities, but also don’t pinch or feel too tight. The key is to ensure it’s functional yet stylishly comfortable. 

3. Protective makeup look

ALWAYS wear protection. Whether it’s sunscreen directly, tinted moisturizer with strong SPF, and or foundation with strong SPF – you must have on what suits you to protect your skin from the UV rays.

4. American Flag Colors (Of course!)

After all, this weekend is in celebration of the declaration of the United States’ independence from England, so pick outfits that fit the theme. Red, white, and/or blue are must haves at some point this weekend!


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