“In a world full of trends, sometimes a girl
just wants to wear something classic.”

Shilpa Ahuja

There’s nothing that makes me feel more like a Bollywood girl than a churidar! 

A churidar is an Indian suit, and we mostly refer to it just as a suit. Similar to a suit, it has it’s particular identifiers the way a Western suit does. Instead of a blazer and trousers, we have a fitted pajama (the pants), shirt (long or short), and chunni (the longer cloth similar to a scarf).

How to Pick a Comfortable Churidar

1. Check the pajama

The pajama is meant to be fitted up to the knees with ruching at the ankles. Make sure the foot hole easily glides over your foot and still sits fitted. This is also possible if there are hooks or buttons around the ankle area to make it fitted after wearing it. If there aren’t, ask for them! 

2. Check the nada

Nada = the string to tie the pants at your waist

If you’re buying ready-made, make sure the nada is either cotton or rope. They hold better than other fabrics. If you’re getting it made, just give your waist size and get an elastic waist band! 

3. Avoid the sleeve droop!

The #1 problem with suit tops is usually that the sleeves/straps start sliding off your shoulder. To avoid this, look at how the sleeve line is cut/sewn. It should create a scoop shape from your underarm towards where your collarbone meets your shoulder. If it swings towards the shoulder it will definitely droop! 

The Look

For summer, I love a pastel or light colored suit made of shiffon or georgette. This one from Polki-Dolki is georgette with delicate gold embroidery, making it light and breezy in the summer heat. I absolutely LOVE that it has string straps that look graceful while letting my arms breathe. The super light chunni is absolutely stunning to me because the fabric let’s it hug my body and looks graceful the way it flows. 

The Accessories

To maintain the light look, I chose to highlight the delicate gold embroidery with a gold purse and stilettos, also from Polki-Dolki. The purse was a magical find because it is gold netted, matching the design on the shirt and chunni. The stilettos are satin bound with a subtle swarovski touch on the straps. It’s just enough to highlight the look without overbearing it. 

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