As an ardent believer in love and a hopeless romantic believing in the possibility of true romanticized love, I’ve always searched for a relationship with someone that embodied those beliefs. It was only after finding what was seemingly that relationship I so desired, and that very relationship tearing me apart, that I realized that love is more than just the romanticized version we’re sold on. It is more than a relationship with another being. Love is an essence that one should recognize within themselves first to truly experience it in all aspects of life. It was upon this realization that I knew that I was my greatest love story. 

As women, we are often told that we should aspire to have and to build this romantic tale between two people, yet society forgets that a woman is the essence of love herself. A woman is the being that breeds love unconditionally and literally breeds from love and with love. Women do not require love to be complete, in fact it’s the other way around. The world needs women in order to feel love and grow in the way that it does. Society tells us that we should look for love because it does not want women to recognize the strength we have within to give or withhold the beauty that is love from the world. This essence resides within us and that is to be honored and respected in order to be worthy of experiencing it.

In recognizing this love within ourselves, we free ourselves from the bondage of this fairytale, and instead can learn to map our lives around our worth. As such, I offer this affirmation to all women on this Women’s Day:

I am love.
The love I am and the love I give is invaluable.
To receive this love one must match this love and honor it’s presence.
By honoring me, one honors my love.
By honoring my love, one experiences love truly.
And that is why I am my greatest love story.

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