This year’s Memorial Day goal was to relax and take a breath before the beautiful summer begins. With a focus on errands and recharging for the week, I was not focused on hair or makeup, but rather enjoying the day and getting things done. I pulled together this outfit to do just that, so I left my hair up and took the day with just an SPF moisturizer.

The goal for the day’s outfit was comfy, cute, and chill. Even though this particular holiday marks the start of the summer fashion season, it was abnormally chilly and called for something cozy as well.

The result? My absolute favorite track suit combo from Adidas! It’s an old one, but I love bringing back evergreen (in this case blue!) looks, especially when they’re perfect for the vibe I’m going for. Check out their latest track suits here if you’re looking for this vibe.

Although primarily a polyester blend on the outside with the signature Adidas logo and stripes in white, it features a soft fleece lining that made it perfect for the chilly weather. The best part is that it’s matching set with crop top and hooded jacket so that no matter which way the weather swung, I was prepared.

I absolutely love the color because it aligned perfectly with the mood I was going for – chill and relaxing. Psychologically, the color blue invokes those moods in us and it successfully did so today. It also helped that it matched perfectly with the Memorial Day theme of our American Flag!

But to fully tie in the beautiful red of our flag’s colors, I paired this look with my Tommy Hilfiger Bucket Bag that aligned perfectly with this sporty fit. I’m obsessed with this bag because it’s not quite a backpack and not a polished purse either, so it’s perfect for that in-between look for days like these. It features a beautiful leather strap that is comfortable to hold in my hand or on my arm. If you’re looking for functionality, it even comes with a longer leather strap inside. I keep it in the bag at all times just in case I ever need it! There’s definitely enough space for the strap and so much more given its size. It’s great for someone like me who always carries a ton of stuff but still wants the cute look, so I very much appreciate the two pockets inside along with the one on the front (perfect for my keys!) to keep everything organized. The gold emblem on the corner is just enough to give this casual look a little bit of flare without overpowering the comfort look and pairs really well with my everyday gold and diamond jewelry.

I’m a stickler for matching, so of course I closed out the look with my white and gold Guess sneaker wedges. More often than not, you will find me in heels because I have an incredibly high arch, so flat shoes can actually be painful after a while, and because I love the grace that comes in my posture with a heel! That’s why I love these because they give me the sneaker look and comfort that I want, with the added bonus of the posture I’m looking for with a heel. Guess currently has two beautiful options similar to mine and they’re on sale!

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