Every year we start strong with our resolutions in hand, hope for the future, and the feelings of a fresh start. Just before that we spend the holidays focused on celebrations, gifts, family, and the dread for the remaining days of the year whilst reminiscing on how quickly the year has past. This year in particular has been hard for many because of Covid-19 and the lockdown that ensued as it derailed many of those resolutions and productive plans for this year. Everyone acknowledged and gave grace to themselves and others that this year it was acceptable to not have completed your goals or have accomplished all that you wanted because it was a truly taxing year mentally, physically, and emotionally as the world went through the pandemic together.

In thinking about that grace as I, too, had to be gracious with myself for not doing all that I had wanted to, I realized that this year more than others we should still strive to celebrate what we have accomplished. We as a supposedly progressive society tend to attribute success and accomplishment only to profitable or extravagant accomplishments, such as starting a business, gaining celebrity status or fame, or achieving socially expected life moments like graduation, marriage, child birth, or pregnancy. This year altered the way in which we celebrate those big moments and for some those moments had to be avoided altogether. In light of that and if we sincerely believe ourselves to be progressive thinkers, then we should recognize that in life there are so many aspects that can and should be celebrated as achievements – no matter how small the general society believes those aspects to be.

Life is not just about the pre-defined “life moments” assigned by Facebook or the balance sheet of a business. This year more than others has shown the world that life is more than the big moments or timelines we set, it’s what’s happening every second and each moment we get to live is to be celebrated. Fortunately or unfortunately, my past has shown me just how quickly one moment can alter the course of your life, and that is something the pandemic of 2020 has shown the world as well. So I choose and ask you all to choose to recognize the value of each moment and celebrate the small successes in those moments just as much as the big ones because all of it makes up the life you have and your life is worth celebrating.

To help us all recognize the value in varying aspects of life, I am starting a new tradition of spending the last five days of the year exploring the five aspects of life that we should accept and perceive as valuable: gratitude, change, love, knowledge, and time. There are so many moments in life that fall into these categories and I want each of us to spend time recognizing those moments as we close out the year and look forward to the next. To do this, join me for the last five days of 2020 in this activity.

Fast 5 of the Last 5 Activity

Each day of the last five days of the year, we’ll take one of the five life aspects – gratitude, change, love, knowledge, and time – and without pause, quickly identify five moments or things this year that apply.

For example: Day 5 (starts tomorrow, Dec 27th, since we’ll count down to the new year) will be Gratitude. I’ll share the ask for gratitude in my blog & on social along with my 5 things.

The purpose of thinking quickly for this exercise is that it forces you to recognize the things/moments that you truly feel fall within the respective category. When we don’t give our mind time to come up with the “right” or “appropriate” answer, our heart gives the answer and that’s the one we really align with. This activity also helps you listen to what you actually believe is valuable (check out my post on following your heart’s path for more on why this is important). I want us to strive to listen to our true desires and celebrate all moments because it is humbling to remember that life is more than the big wins and losses, it is important to live a life we love while we still can, and this is how we should close out one year and kickoff the next.

I’ll be sharing my fast 5 each day here in a post as well as on social media starting December 27th. If you join me in this year-end activity be sure to use the hashtags #Fast5oftheLast5 #F5L5 #2020F5L5 and tag me (@__akiti__) so we can celebrate these moments together!

Life moves quickly
So live it while you can
Each moment is precious
Love with open hands
It’s important to note
Each minute success
Because each moment is special
Oh to be alive, you are blessed
Let’s celebrate each win
Whether big or small
Each one is worth it
Let’s celebrate them all

– Akiti –

6 Comments on “New Year-End Tradition: Fast 5 of the Last 5

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  2. This is a really great idea. I might try this out but a lil differently 🙂

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