About Me

Hi! I’m Akiti and welcome to my passionate, poetic, and philosophically fun world! I’ve created this space to share my passions with you through my craft and my writing. I’ve always followed my heart, which has lead me down exciting paths of learning, growing, and creating in different areas of interest to me that you can explore here. I believe that passion breeds passion, so I hope to inspire you to find and thrive in your own passions as well!

My passion for learning lead me to study Philosophy, Diplomacy, International Relations, Corporate Law, Marketing, Design, Coding, and Customer Experience. I’ve worked for large corporations like Apple, BlackRock, and Verizon to hone my skills and grow through experience in the corporate world, but I’ve also thrived in entrepreneurship through my own event management, interior design, and fashion design company – PolkiDolki.

I also enjoy learning about cultures and languages. So far I’ve learned 8 languages, and am working on my 9th, because I believe understanding how people speak gives insight into the manner in which they experience the world, granting better insight into their culture and approach to life. Learning the language of a people allows me to travel and read their literature with more depth – all of which I’ll share with you here!

Beyond my nerdy passions, I’m also keen on cultivating the creative in me through my passion for poetry, fashion, and dance. I write from the heart and dance from my soul. The fashion part comes from my innate care for aesthetics. These passions allow me to express myself in a raw and beautiful way that I hope you’ll enjoy!