“Jobs fill your pockets,

Adventures fill your soul.”

Jaime Lyn Beatty

We always see celebrities boarding their jets in the most fabulous of outfits – departing looking stylish, and arriving looking refreshed. But how do they do it?! I can tell you that travel ease is not just for the jet-setters – you can achieve it, too! 

Traveling itself is usually considered very cumbersome and uncomfortable for us economy travelers, and especially now after being cooped up with our spacious beds and comfy couches. While that is a hard combination to overcome, I have some tips for you that will make it comfortably easy to travel while still looking fab-u-lous! The key is to find outfits that suit your comfort needs, make the travel process easy, AND still make you stand out as your fab self.

How to Achieve the Airport Look

1. Matching Sets or Rompers!

When a look flows well the way matching or coordinated ones do, it automatically gives a clean, organized vibe. This is also an easy way to not have to think about your look and just throw on the set and jet out door! Separate sets are easier to manage in airplane bathrooms, but I love the freedom and ease of wearing a romper – at the end of the day, it’s what suits you.

2. Loose or Stretchy Fit

Finding a comfortable position on a flight can be a pain, so you want to make sure you’re able to move comfortably in your fit. If you like loose, then flared pants, track pants, or maxis are great options for mobility. If you like fitted, then activewear is perfect for that fitted feel with the stretchy and light fabric that lets you move. 

3. Comfortable fabrics

You don’t need to be in tight jeans and pinchingly-fitted tops to look cute! Pick cottons, jegging material (blended jean/cotton/polyesters), satin, or georgette. These are light, but still provide coverage. You want to make sure the outfit is comfortable both in mobility but also temperature since that fluctuates from your time in their airport to the altitude of the plane. (Always carry a jacket, cardigan, or shawl just in case!)

4. Slips ons

Airport security rules vary so much, but usually you have to remove your shoes at some point (or you may just want to take them off on the plane!). Wedged/thick-heeled sliders or slip ons are best because they provide the support your foot needs for all the walking, while still being easy to maneuver at security. If you prefer pencil heels, make sure they have good grips for the slippery airport floors and don’t pinch anywhere after walking for too long.

5. Water & Spritz!

Whether you wear makeup or not is entirely a preference, but the most important thing to do is to hydrate constantly at the airport and on the plane. The dry air and altitude strip your skin and cause that grungy feeling. When you’re close to arriving, keep a refreshing spray (approved size & materials of course) or use water to sprite your face to rehydrate the skin and bring back your glow! If you wear makeup, make sure it’s long-wear, waterproof, and hydrating. This will prevent it from clumping smudging and drying you out. 

My Favorite Looks for Inspiration!

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